Suzanne Collins Books

Suzanne Collins is a writer who has been very innovative in her work. She has a diversified style of writing and Suzanne Collins books are available on science fiction, children literature, young adult literature, fantasy, speculative fiction and other genres. Suzanne Collins books have a different approach and a new style of plot projection. It has been noted and even announced by the writer in several interviews that Suzanne Collins books are inspired by her own life in one or the other way.

Let us overview some of the notable and famous Suzanne Collins books and sneak peek into the story review.

The Hunger Games

This was the first book written in the series. The genre of these Suzanne Collins books is Science fiction and it is a story of a young girl Katniss who lives with her sister and mother. A war was waged in the land where they live and get defeated. The surrender terms suggest that a girl and a boy were to be sent from each district to fight in a reality television show named “The Hunger Games”. The rules of the games are: KILL OR BE KILLED. Katniss steps forward for the game on behalf of her sister who was chosen in the draw and the story continues.

Catching Fire

Catching fire is the second book from “The Hunger Games” series. The young girl who stood for the fight finally wins the game and brings back safety to the family from the penalties and sufferings. But now the Capitol is unhappy and wants to take revenge. The story continues with the rebellions and revenges.


This is the Third book of “The Hunger Games” trilogy. Now when Katniss has survived twice from the Hunger Games she is still not through from the danger as now the threat is double. This time the Capitol is very disappointed and in the fire of revenge he assures that not just Katniss but his family and friends will also be in danger zone. This story is a thrilling experience which has become very popular and a favorite from Suzanne Collins books in no time.

Underland Chronicles Series

This is a series of five books in which the story revolves around the boy Gregor who falls down through a hole and ends up under the New York City where he finds insects living with humans. He finds out that being a part of this adventure can help him find the secret behind his father’s disappearance. Unwillingly he decides to play his role in changing the future of Underland forever and he has to rage a war against a war to save his family and the Underland. This is an adventurous series of novels which has become very popular in youngsters and adults as well.

When Charlie McButton Lost Power

This is a different approach in children stories and attracted many readers who have read the Suzanne Collins books. The story is of Charlie McButton who is to decide between his craze of computers and his sister’s happiness. This young boy is short of power as the electricity is not available. He needs batteries to run his technological empire but they are unavailable. He then finds out that his sister’s favorite doll has the batteries but taking them will mean he is staking his sister’s happiness. He is too crazy about the technology but now he is at a point where he has to make important decisions and find out that even without batteries, sisters can be fun. Will he ever realize this? Read the interesting story of a computer addict and it will surely make you a fan of Suzanne Collins books.