The Hunger Games Shoulder Bag From the Movie

Hunger Games trilogy is among the bestseller collections of Suzanne Collins, who is a novelist and writer, and her writings makes people love her too. She has uncountable fans especially because of Hunger Games that is really loved by the people and movie is also released now featuring her novels.

Suzanne Collins was an Air-force officer and a television writer previously, before the start of her talent being as a novelist. She has been highly praised and best seller author of all the times at Amazon. The Hunger Games is a major motion movie that is directed by Gary Ross and starring by Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.


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A massive Hunger Games fan would probably buy this bag, as it has its own style and attraction. It’s a small hand bag with Mockingjay design poster art that is of soft cloth without zipper. It could be used for keeping light weight stuff, but not bad as just a hand bag too. As I love Hunger Games, in the same way I love every product related to it. In fact I have planned to build a collection of them. Price is little bit higher but its uniqueness and my craziness encourages me to buy it.