Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

The second book Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane from the series “The Underland Chronicles” was published in September 2004. Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane is a fantasy novel which was originally written in English language. The book Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane was a continuation of the first novel named Gregor the Overlander in which the boy fells down the hole and finds a new world underneath and experiences some of his life’s worst days while living in the Underland in order to rescue his father. He returns back on the Earth as a victor and never wishes to go back in that strange place again.

But who knows what the destiny has saved for him. Few months after his return, Gregor and his family struggle for their living while his father is still unwell and they are financially unstable. One day he founds his little sister missing from the park and after a little search he notices a huge cockroach leg and he understands that Underland creatures are responsible for this act.

He now knows who is to blame for his sister’s kidnap and is left with no choice but to go down to the Underland again to save his sister. He is attacked by rats in the tunnel but is saved by Ares the bat who became the bond mate to Gregor in the previous novel. Gregor realize that he is again set to be an important player in the Prophecy of Bane in which Bane is a white rat and in order to save his sister Grrgor has to kill Bane. For this he is taken for a training session where he shows his extraordinary skills and hits all the balls shot at him. Gregor learns a lot of different tricks and skills and feels he is now ready for the fight.

Due to lack of space a few creatures accompanied Gregor in the quest. These included bats, fire flies and cockroaches. In the journey they are attacked by a giant squid and Gregor fights the squid bravely but finally gets hurt and gets poisoned by the squid’s knocks. This makes him unconscious for two days and when he wakes up he founds that Luxa an Aurora have also joined them. They go through new adventures and meet death very closely when they get stuck in a whirlpool. Much more happens in the way and Ares is almost eaten up by mites when it leaves the boat in the search of food, the fire flies betray and join the rats, dinosaur like serpents attack the group, the team gets separated, few associates are thought to be drowned and this spreads a wave of sadness, some members require medical help. Gregor presumes that his sister is now dead and decides to kill Bane now. Gregor has to go through a lot more in his way to reach Bane but he manages to do all and locates Bane. He is shocked when he finds out the reality of Bane who is just a baby. Gregor refuses to kill the innocent baby and brings Bane back to Riperd who is asked to take care of the baby while it grows up. After being free from a few charges and allegations that were put against Gregor he decides to go back to his family. Before he leaves, some crawling creatures bring back his sister Boots and he then leaves the Underland as soon as possible. Vikus a humble diplomat gives Gregor an antique clock as a gift for Mrs. Cormaci and some medicines for Gregors father.

Gregor manages to return just before Christmas and when he opens the packet of the antique clock he finds out that Vikus packed in a good deal of money for Gregor’s family. Nerissa also gave Gregor something when he was leaving. What was that? Is it just another scroll or a Prophecy which is a danger sign for Gregor? Find this and much more in the Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane.

Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane has fulfilled the expectations of the fans and has proved to be an adventure novel filled with danger, thrill, warfare, emotional depth, danger sense, well developed plots and much more. Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane is an excellent book for young readers who are fantasy fans.