Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

The second book in the trilogy of “The Hunger Games” was Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. This sequel was published in 2009 with the same story continued from the previous novel. Katniss who is introduced in the first book as the young brave girl who fights for the survival of her family and the city is now to face new adventures in the new series Catching Fire.

The theme of Catching Fire has several elements like the centralized control of the government, survival instinct, rebellious attitude and independence vs. interdependence. When in the previous novel Katniss wins the 74th Hunger Games, she returns back to her home along with Peeta who showed how much he loves Katniss during the Hunger Games. Peeta’s love is made the base of the Catching fire as now after the victory when Katniss and Peeta start their tour of victory and meet the president they find out that the president is angry with both of them. The displeased president threatens Katniss that he will kill her family and friends as she cheated in the game by creating a dramatic false gesture of suicide in the love of Peeta. This action of Katniss made the rule of the game of any one survivor change and permitted Both Peeta and Katniss win. Now the president demands a confession and asks her to prove this to the people of the country that she acted not in defiance but was lost in the love of Peeta.

Another twist in the story is the announcement of 75th Hunger Games which is to be a competition between the 24 victors from the games previously played. Now again Peeta and Katniss are in the game and the lives are in extreme danger. Katniss make a decision to protect Peeta this time in the game.

In the 75th Hunger Games Katniss and Peeta team up with previous victors who teach them new techniques and tricks related to the game. The fight is followed by many adventurous new things and Katniss efforts to win the game. To find out what happened and how the experienced victors fight with each other for their survival and how Katniss and Peeta get themselves out of this mess you need to read the amazing novel by Suzanne Collins.

When a sequel of a book is published, the fans of the writer and the previous work are looking forward to it with high level of expectations. Catching Fire has received a very warm and positive response from all the readers and has pleased the action fans of Hunger Games. The book Catching Fire has surprised many and surpassed the high expectations. The most interesting part is that readers is already introduced to the characters and know much about them and their story so the continuation becomes more appealing and attention grabbing.

Catching fire was released in hardcover and as an audio book on the same day and the book sold over thousands of copies till date. In June 2010 Catching Fire was also published as an E-Book. The third book of the trilogy that followed Catching Fire was Mockingjay and was published in year 2010.