The Hunger Games: Movie Prop Replica Jacket “Katniss’s Arena”

Hunger Games is one of the New York Times bestselling series written by the best author Suzanne Marie Collins. She is an American television writer and novelist. Hunger Games trilogy grants her a lot of success and fame. It was really a wonderful novel and highly anticipated movie. In participation for Hunger Games some rules and specific safety tools and clothing were required for the candidate’s protection. Among them is a safety jacket for survival that is prop replica of the jacket “Katniss’s Arena” that is our topic today. This Hunger Games authentic prop replica Arena jacket was worn by the tributes of twelve districts.


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This is two in one jacket, can be used for different purposes. You can wear both jackets at the same time by attaching them through zipper. But it is also possible to wear them individually as a perfect design and complete jacket style. Inner jacket can be worn casually for protection of clothes or for being warm while the top nylon one in rain as a raincoat or any other purposes.
Personally I really loved its design and style of the jacket. It looks cool when I wore it. It’s a light weight jacket and extremely soft, comfortable and durable. It is available in different sizes, but I prefer to buy one size bigger that usually suits you, for perfect fit otherwise it may seems uncomfortable and tight. It is of best quality and material and according to its specification it’s cheap. Its price seems quite expensive but after buying one I must say that it really worth it.