When Charlie McButton Lost Power

When Charlie McButton Lost Power is a story of a young boy who is a techno lover and his whole world revolves around computer and gadgets. One day the power shuts off and the place gets deprived from electricity. Charlie McButton goes crazy as now he has nothing to do. Charlie’s mother advised him to find some activity and get busy in it. She gives him some options like to read a book, sing or do model clay and if he has nothing to do he should pass hi time by cleaning his room. Charlie is not so happy with his mother’s ideas and looks for an old video game he had. He finally succeeds in finding the video game gets upset on realizing that the batteries are missing. He now starts his mission to find the batteries and steels a battery from his sister’s toy which is a talking doll. His little sister starts crying when she finds out that her doll is not working as Charlie took the battery. This makes Charlie feel bad and he decides to give his sister some company. He play’s with her sister and they both enjoy quality play time with each other while playing games and pretending to be different creatures and wizards. Finally the power returns and Charlie moves on to his techno world. But this whole scene makes him realize that playing with his sister is also fun and he decides to spend some time playing with his sister too.

When Charlie McButton Lost Power is a very touchy story about the relationship and emotions. The way the whole scene is depicted, makes the story more moving. When Charlie snatches the battery from his sister’s doll, the writer Suzanne explains the brother sister relationship and love they share in such a beautiful way. A few lines from the book When Charlie McButton Lost Power are shared below and this will give you an idea of how the writer made a dramatic scene out of it.

“Her eyes filled with tears and she gave them a rub.
She went to the bathroom and hid in the tub.
Then Charlie McButton felt totally rotten
And couldn’t help thinking some things he’d forgotten”

When Charlie McButton Lost Power is an interesting story which is written in rhyme. Kids love the entertaining rhyme used in the book as it is easier for them to understand the flow and they can relate to the rhyming story. The way the characters are illustrated and cartoony representations makes the book When Charlie McButton Lost Power more interesting for the kids. When Charlie McButton Lost Power is skillfully written by Suzanne Collins and satisfactorily illustrated by Mike Lester. The book is an original work which is a refreshing addition to the kid’s library.

This book has received a good feedback and the kids are in love with the pictorial explanations along with the fun filled rhymes. Over all When Charlie McButton Lost Power is an amazing effort of Suzanne for the young kids as in today’s fast moving world which is filled with technological advancements it is very important for the parents and children both to realize the importance of relationship bonds over the computer games and gadgets. This book When Charlie McButton Lost Power explains this harsh reality in a very light and clever way to make it easy to understand for the kids.